Pack Calculation Pro Changelog



  • New report generator
  • Updated/added several Bock compressors
  • Updated/added a few Copeland compressors
  • Fixed bug in heat recovery for transcritical systems (limits used are now based on ambient dry-bulb, not wet-bulb)
  • Fixed bug in transcritical systems using hybrid cooler
  • Fixed pump energy consumption for hybrid cooler
  • Fixed bug that occurred if heat recovery in transcritical systems meant subcooled liquid after high pressure valve 
  • Fixed bug using R407F as refrigerant 
  • Parallel compressor systems for both one-stage and two-stage transcritical systems (only available for users with a commercial license)
  • R407F compressors included (only available for users with a commercial license)
  • New Copeland R744 scrolls added
  • Several new Bitzer compressors added
  • Documentation (help file) updated, explaining settings for parallel compressor systems
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs related to calculations and temperature profiles
  • Name changed to Pack Calculation Pro
  • Different units supported (°C, °F, BTU,...)
  • Documentation updated
  • Fixed bug related to automatic dimensioning of gascooler
  • Fixed a couple of minor bugs
  • Updated Bock CO2 compressors
  • Updated Bitzer compressors (hermetic and semihermetic screws are now included)
  • Added plot of Qe_del_only_MT (i.e. delivered cooling on MT evaporator only - Qe_del_tot_MT includes condensing heat from LT system)
  • Fixed bug related to heat recovery (when ambient temperature was below temperature where heat recovery should be maximum)
  • Fixed bug related to systems with pumps (control was not implemented correctly) 


  • Translations to the following languages added:
    • Russian
    • Romanian
  • Added several new, and updated several, Bitzer compressors
  • Added transcritical Copeland Stream compressors
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs, including:
    • Proper saving of LCC settings
    • Correction of calculation of off-design capacity
    • Added hybrid cooler model (simple efficiency model)
    • Fixed drawing of two-stage with liquid injection
    • ... 
  • Changes in installation to better support multi-user PC's and users without administrative privileges
  • Dutch and French languages added/completed
  • Published a translation package, which enable users to make their own translations
  • Fixed bug in "Two one stage, common condenser" systems
  • PackCalc now comes in the following languages:
  • Bulgarian
  • Czech (translation not complete)
  • Danish
  • Dutch (translation not complete)
  • Italian (translation not complete)
  • The translation has been provided by members of the EU-project: "Improving Cold storage Equipment in Europe (ICE-E)"
  • Added Copeland Stream compressors + added and updated several scroll compressors
  • Fixed bug in load profile handling. Caused wrong results if:
  • User created custom load profile
  • The load profile was not saved to disk
  • The systems that where compared where not created using the "Copy system" button
  • If all of the above was true, then all systems where not compared using the custom load profile (the ones created using the "Add System" button, where using a constant load profile)
  • Added help button to explain all curves on the "Plots" page
  • Fixed bug when using speed controlled fans and free cooling
  • Fixed bug when using heat recovery
  • Fixed minor bugs (text strings, etc.)
  • Added possibility to change default DT gas cooler out when running transcritical. See "Options|Preferences|Calculation|Condenser control"
  • Added possibility to have different load profiles for the different systems (currently experimental...). See "Options|Preferences|Calculation|Suction side|Load profile" and "Options|Preferences|Calculation|Heat pump|Load profile". Default is that load profiles are forced to be equal for all systems.
  • Removed discontinued Copeland compressors
  • Heat pump model included
  • One stage system
  • Air and ground source 
  •   Space heating only
  • Auto-generated compressors. Specify cooling or heating capacity instead of selecting compressors
  • Groundwater cooling can be used as supplement to mechanical cooling (one stage systems only)
  • Only ATES systems with full thermal balancing included
  • Instead of specifying the evaporation temperature, it is now possible to specify the evaporator size (for one stage system). I.e. the evaporation temperature is output from calculation.
  • Updated ZB and ZF compressor models from Copeland
  • Warnings and errors shown in detail on both monthly energy consumption diagram and summary table
  • Icon illustrating calculation state next to "Calculate" button (emphasize warnings) 
  • Plots changed so that weather data can be easily displayed
  •  Misc improvements and bug fixes...
  • Added possibility to include water consumption (and rain water tank) in LCC calculation for cooling tower 
  • Bug fix so that new Dorin compressors are installed when updating an old version of PackCalc
  • Changed month and day names so that they are in the same language as the rest of the program (English)
  • New Dorin range of subcritical compressors (SCC range) added
  • New Dorin range of transcritical compressors (CD range) added
  • Improved model of Cooling Tower developed by Danish Technological Institute and Vestas Aircoil
  • Power consumption when using free cooling included
  • Possible to specify charge for both high and low side in cascade systems when calculating CO2 emissions
  • COP calculations for two-stage systems fixed (now condensing heat from low stage is not regarded useful when calculating overall COP)
  • Several minor fixes and changes...
  • Load profiles from building simulation program BSim can now be imported. See appendix D in user manual.
  • 60Hz Dorin CO2 compressors have been included
  • Minor changes...
  • Change in calculation of capacity for transcritical compressor in subcritical design condition (change only affects the compressor selection - not the yearly calculation)
  • Bock transcritical compressors updated
  • Dorin SCS compressors added
  • Changes to userinterface so that users are presented to less options. This can be controlled in Options|Preferences menu
  • First properly tested version

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