DTU Center for Hygienic Design

EHEDG indvielse

DTU Center for Hygienic Design has been established in cooperation between DTU Food and IPU. Focusing on hygienic design the center will offer consultancy for the biotech and food industry, test and certify equipment for food production, participate in research projects, contribute to education of engineering students and offer courses for food industries and authorities.

The new center is an authorized EHEDG test and certification institute and is being accredited by DANAK for test and certification of in-place cleanability of food processing equipment. EHEDG, European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group, is a European consortium of equipment manufacturers, food industries, research institutes and authorities.


  • Evaluation of equipment  for cleanability and hygienic design
  • Test of open equipment for cleanability and hygienic design
  • Inspection of production premises and equipment with regard to control of the contamination level and prevention of microbial growth on finished products
  • Tailor-made company courses on prevention of microbial problems in finished products with a special focus on moulds

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In Danish:

  • Hygiejnisk design som i fødevaresektoren kan forebygge sygehusinfektioner (link)
  • Kontrol af hygiejniske overflader, Plus Proces, 2012, 6:12-13 (link)
  • Pressemeddelelse fra Staalcentrum, IPU og DTU om indsatsen for procesteknologi i fødevaresektoren, hvor DTU Center for Hygiejnisk Design er omtalt: Dansk styrkeposition kan blive til erhvervseventyr (pdf).
  • DTU Fødevareinstituttets hjemmeside om centeret http://www.food.dtu.dk/Nyheder/2013/11/Reception-DTU-Center-for-Hygiejnisk-Design


  • Hygienic and Antimicrobial Surfaces

    IPU offers consultancy assistance, development, research, and optimisation in the field of hygienic and antimicrobial surfaces, including consultancy on choice of materials and design. We develop and... inspire
  • Bio- and Foodtechnology

    IPU offers development, consulting and optimization in biotechnology and food technology. Our focus areas are processing, preservation, packaging and storage of raw materials and products. Hygiene and... bio- og førevareteknologi
  • Fault detection and diagnosis

    IPU can assist in the development of algorithms for the detection of deviations in all kinds of data, where the variation may be indications of emerging faults or certain conditions identified for production... Sensor
  • Materials that kill bacteria and fungi

    Microbial colonisation of surfaces is unwanted in many environments. The Industrial PhD work deals with the interaction between microorganisms and surfaces and seeks to identify what properties in microorganisms...
  • SelfClean

    IPU has participated as 'technology provider' in a EU project (under the so-called SME programme), which aimed at developing a new innovative type of self-cleaning and antibacterial surface coating... SelfClean
  • Aquavalens

    IPU participates as SME in the EU project called Aquavalens aiming at protecting the health of Europeans by improving methods for the detection of pathogens in drinking water and water used in food... aquavalens