Nils Koppels Allé, building 404, 2nd floor
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Vat no. 11 88 89 33
Danske Bank, Lyngby-branch
Account no: 4260-4260137816
IBAN: DK6130004260137816
Telefon: (+45) 45 25 46 00

Invoices can be sent by mail to – and should always include mail address from the employee who has made the order as a reference.

List of employees

Nils Koppels Allé, bygning 404, 2nd floor
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Telephone: 45 25 46 00

Arcanic A/S
Diplomvej, building 373 Ø, 2nd floor
DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Telephone: 45 25 74 22, fax 45 88 89 84


  • Innovation processes

  • Innovation tools

    At IPU, innovation is a professional discipline where opinions, methods and practices are combined for maximum innovation power, accuracy and risk minimization. In the area between industrial practice... samarbejde
  • Mechatronics products

    Many products which used to be purely mechanic are mechatronic today, and utilize the interaction of mechanics, electronics and software in order to enhance functionality. The use of multiple technologies... DSH
  • Arcanic A/S

    Arcanic A/S develops educational IT systems, in which the development of the Learning Management System CampusNet is a key element. Six universities and engineering colleges currently use CampusNet... Arcanic AS
  • Assistance throughout the development project

    Successful product development requires availability of all competences that are to be applied during the complete project course. The process must be managed from the early idea development through... Assistance throughout the development project
  • Rotational unit for diffractive optics

    IPU has designed a unit for rotation of diffractive optical elements in a laser beam. The unit is a part delivery in the high technology project Robocut, in which holograms are to reshape the laser beam used for laser cutting, and hereby improve the laser cutting process. The demands are high for tolerances, control, dynamics and cooling. DOE-rotor