Flexible laser laboratory


If you are in need of exploring the possibilities of fibre laser welding and cutting, or having a small number of laser welded or laser cut workpieces manufactured, IPU can help you.

The combination of IPU's competences within laser technology, including particularly welding and cutting, metallurgy and analysis, and IPU's flexible laser laboratory provides customers with the opportunity of having test weldings and small series production of precision weldings done.

"Several clients have discovered this opportunity, and we regularly solve assignments within both special cutting and precision welding", says Senior Engineer Flemming Olsen.

With our flexible laboratory and our two single mode fibre lasers we can conduct tests within precision welding in metals where e.g. we can achieve weldings of more than 1 mm in depth that are just 100 mm in width, which results in minimal distortions.

Furthermore, we can conduct precision cutting of small workpieces for clients.

IPU neither can, nor shall compete with the many subsuppliers who offer laser cutting and welding when it comes to ordinary materials and large quantities, but in case of more demanding assignments and smaller quantities, IPU's clients may profit from IPU's competences and flexible laser equipment.

Moreover, IPU can assist clients in the process of possible installation of a production line and in purchase of equipment of their own production.


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