New powerful fibre laser at IPU


IPU enhances in-house laser technology with at new powerful single mode fibre laser.

IPU is an active sparring partner within industrial laser technology offering consultancy support, prototype production and being involved in substantial development projects.

To intensify development work and technology development within laser cutting and welding, IPU has invested in a new and more powerful fibre laser.

It is a 1 kW single mode fibre laser, which with its unique focus ability is ideal for many precision cutting and welding applications. It enhances our opportunities to offer assistance within precision welding – an area of considerable interest among Danish companies within counseling and prototype production.

The single mode fibre laser can produce particularly fine welds with large penetration depths, which makes particularly fine precision welds possible with minimal distortions.

The picture above shows a welded joint in stainless steel performed by IPU with a single mode fibre laser.


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