Donations from IPU


Since its founding in 1956, IPU has had a turnover of more than one billion Danish kroner, and during the same period, from its revenues has donated more than DKK 135 million to departments, professional groups and scientists at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

In 2013, IPU's board of directors has decided to grant support to the following activities at DTU:

  • Purchase of a Tribometer
  • Organisation of the international CIRP conference in Copenhagen
  • Development activities within Quantitative Sustainability Assessment
  • Development activities within Lipidomics
  • Development of sensors for measuring NOx
  • Purchase of laboratory equipment concerning surface technology
  • Experimental work with small and medium-sized Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems
  • Design and Modelling of Small Scale Low Temperature Power Cycles
  • Research into plastic deformation and joining
  • Research into Eco Maturity Models
  • Research into surface quality of die-cast components
  • Planning and excecutions of conferences and seminars for industry
  • Research into platform based product development

IPU is an innovation factory: IPU turns the research based technology at DTU into competitiveness in industry and the corporate sector and brings back the results and experience of the companies to strengthen the continuing development of research and teaching at the university.

IPU is organised as a self-governing fund with several subsidiaries. The group has more than 50 full-time employees, of whom one third with a PhD degree, and more than 70 of DTU's researchers are engaged in innovation for the Danish and international corporate sectors through IPU.


  • Universitetssamarbejde og netværk

    IPU er placeret på DTU's campus i Lundtofte nord for København, og medarbejderne fra DTU og IPU sidder dør-om-dør. Denne lokalisering giver IPU unikke forudsætninger for resultatskabelse over for såvel... DTU samspil
  • Uddelinger fra IPU's grundfond

    IPU har siden starten i 1956 haft en omsætning på over en milliard kroner, og IPU har af sit overskud i samme periode uddelt midler til Danmarks Tekniske Universitets institutter, faggrupper og forskere... Jubilæumsfest