Klaus Schütt Hansen

In 2008, I graduated as mechanical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark. Since then, I have been working at IPU providing expertise on thermal processes with focus on laser processes. In addition, I have worked with equipment development for laser processes.

In 2011, I began working on my PhD entitled: "Multi-fiber laser beam welding" in  cooperation with the Department of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at Aalborg University. The purpose of this is to establish methods for the optimization of beam patterns during laser welding.

I have worked as a project manager contributing on behalf of IPU to the FP7 project Polytubes and developed the concept and machine for cross-rolling of micro-plastic tubes. In addition to expertise in thermal processes and laser processes, I have a broad interest in mechanics and electronics.

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  • Senior R&D Engineer
  • Tlf: (+45) 45 25 47 06
  • ksh@ipu.dk
  • Building: 425