Pack Calculation Pro

Pack Calculation Pro is a simulation tool for calculating and comparing the yearly energy consumption of refrigeration systems and heat pumps:

  • Calculate performance each hour of the year (= 8760 operating points)
  • Use weather data for more than 700 cities around the world
  • Choose between 11 commonly used cycles - including transcritical cycles
  • Choose from over 7000 commercially available compressor to build your system
  • Calculate Life Cycle Costs
  • Get an overview of both energy consumption and carbon footprint
  • Calculate payback time
  • Switch between European and American units
  • Create reports in Word
  • And much more!

Pack Calculation Pro is development based on Pack Calculation II and it is strongly recommended to update if you are still using Pack Calculation II (Pack Calculation II is no longer updated).

Pack Calculation Pro is free for personal non-commercial use. For commercial use you can buy an annual subscription license:

  Download Pack Calculation Pro Version 4.20
  Buy Pack Calculation Pro License
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