For many years, laser have played an important role in manufacturing processes. IPU has accumulated many years of knowledge within i.e. cutting, welding and drilling. We counsel in the procurement of systems and help to ensure that a company invest the appropriate machine.

IPU also has a flexible laser laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art single mode fiber lasers. Here it is possible to test and develop welding processes with very small high intensity beams.


  • Rotational unit for diffractive optics

    IPU has designed a unit for rotation of diffractive optical elements in a laser beam. The unit is a part delivery in the high technology project Robocut, in which holograms are to reshape the laser beam used for laser cutting, and hereby improve the laser cutting process. The demands are high for tolerances, control, dynamics and cooling. DOE-rotor
  • Flexible laser laboratory

    If you are in need of exploring the possibilities of fibre laser welding and cutting, or having a small number of laser welded or laser cut workpieces manufactured, IPU can help you. The combination... Lasersvejsning
  • New powerful fibre laser at IPU

    IPU has purchased a new powerful 1kW fibre laser, which can be used for making prototypes and process optimisation within laser cutting and welding. Lasersvejsning

    IPU initiates and leads the EUROSTARS project within fibre laser cutting. Laser cutting is a very common and well-developed production technology. For more than 30 years, the predominant laser source... DOEFLAC
  • Multi beam fiber laser welding

    The PhD project "Multi beam fiber laser welding" is a study of multi laser beam welding with high impact single mode (SM) fiber laser with the purpose of developing optimal welding configurations in... Multifiberlaserstrålesvejsning
  • Robocut

    IPU develops the laser cutting technology of the future. Today, IPU Technology Development takes part in no less than five projects supported by The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation... Robocut
  • Corrosion in dairy pipes

    Corrosion measurements save dairy manufacturers millions Frequently, dairy companies receive faulty stainless steel pipes from various sub-suppliers. It may be all from visible pits and pores to poorly... Corrosion in dairy pipes
  • Integrated modelling

    Today it is possible to simulate a number of production processes; e.g. casting, welding, heat treatment and sheet and bulk metal forming using numerical programs with the aim of optimising the process... Integrated modelling
  • Micro products

    In recent years, we have seen an increasing miniaturisation of components and products. This trend is fuelled by technological developments as well as a powerful market demand for small products with... mikroteknologi
  • Multi beam fiber laser welding

    The PhD project "Multi beam fiber laser welding" is a study into multi beam fiber laser welding by high impact single mode (SM) fiber lasers with the purpose of developing optimal welding configurations... Multi beam fiber laser welding
  • Selective micro metallisation of polymers

    Through a national Danish research project, initiated by IPU-manufacturing and the department of manufacturing engineering (IPL), have IPU increased the experience in the field of selective metallisation... selektiv mikrometallesering
  • Manufacturing of tools for microtechnological production

    The trend is for more and more mechanical micro components to be used in modern products. Producing these components make increasing demands on the tool technologies. In many cases, conventional processes...