15 ton servo mechanical press

DTUs Department of Mechanics wished to transform their course “industrial processes”. As a part of this they needed three 15 ton presses, which they could control position and force on. Presses are widely used in industrial manufacturing, and there already exist many commercial available products. However they are often for high production rates, e.g. continues running in fixed cycles or hydraulic driven, with the hereby need for hydraulics and maintenance.
Product development

Product- and Process Technology Development

Developing innovative products or process technologies based upon a strong understanding of well-defined developing tools to ensure both robustness and reliability in the market, as well as to be competitive within your area of expertise.
Klaus Schütt Hansen

Klaus Schütt

Senior Engineer, Product and Process Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 20
Email: ksh@ipu.dk