Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Modelling, analyzing and developing complex autonomous system, robotics and automation of systems and processes. Combining development of mechanical design and hardware with control systems and software.

Software & Algorithm Development

Software and complex algorithm development within controls, signal processing, estimation- and sensor fusion techniques, machine- and deep learning for real-time and desktop applications. We work primarily with Python, Matlab/Simulink, C, C++, and Structured Text but have experience with most standard languages.

Condition-Based Monitoring

Autonomous systems are heavily reliant on sensor data and correct system conditions to operate. As a result, condition-based system monitoring and fault detection are fully integrated in our way of thinking automation systems and control software.

System Analysis & Simulation

Models are used extensively in our workflow when developing autonomous systems or automating a process. Model-based development enables us to analyze the system through simulations and to validate the overall solution performance according to specification.

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Søren Merit


Managing Partner
M.Sc., B.Com

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 11
Jack Pimbert, IPU

Jack M.

Specialist Engineer, Autonomous Systems and Robotics

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