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Since IPU's early start in 1956, our specialists have generated numerous white papers, presentations, reports, patents etc. We have collected some of our latest insights here.Looking for more? Please contact us. We may have the insights and ideas that fit to your technology and business challenges.
Earth Overshoot Day 2022
... the continuous development starts now!
IPU releases Pack Calculation Pro v5.0
Beware not to create unnecessary post Covid19 materials failures!
Beware not to create unnecessary post Covid19 materials disaster!
Technology opportunities for product developers in the post-COVID-19 market place
How can technology development enable post-COVID-19 growth?
Antimicrobial surfaces have been the holy grail of surface science for decades - but somehow the real break-through never came.
Will hygienic surfaces be the positive outcome of the Covid-19 crisis?
Advanced materials and process characterisation
CT X-ray imaging
Advanced Materials & Surfaces Technology
GD-OES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy)
Digital Twin
Innovation Update on Digital Twin Technology
Digital Twin
Experiences of Working with Digital Twins from Certain Industries
Materials testing and characterisation
Scrub abrasion and washability testing of surfaces and coatings
Materials testing and characterisation
In-situ measurement of corrosion in wood
Materials testing and characterisation
IPU as your one-stop entry to materials characterisation and testing.
Integrated product and process development
Improving Manufacturability and Competitiveness of Industrial Products with DFM
Digital Twin
Introducing the Digital Twins Technology Takes Time
Thermodynamics and Energy Technology
Hot gas defrost – saving energy
Physical systems modelling
Condition-based Maintenance, Model-based and Data-driven Fault Detection
Advanced automation, robotics and autonomous systems
Automation of Heavy Machinery – Development using hardware- and model-in-loop verification
Advanced automation, robotics and autonomous systems
Digital Twins – accelerating R&D, from a business perspective
Digital Twin
Targeting experimental efforts using cyber-physical models
Product technology development
Sports Technology at High Tech Summit 2018