We are an elite team of international specialists, focused on developing advanced product and process technology for leading technology based companies.We specialize in and combine four core areas of expertise.Our approach is integrated and cross-disciplinary as we usually combine more than one area of expertise to develop innovative solutions; Based on high-tech research and unique access to a world class network of researchers at DTU; Focused on integrating multiple technologies often involves both innovation of product properties and manufacturing processes.
Materials & surfaces

Advanced Materials & Surfaces Technology

Development and optimization of materials and surface process characteristics for specific purposes.We have a broad under- standing of materials and surfaces technologies and are specialists within metals and Galvano processes.

Modelling of Physical Systems

Development of digital models of physical system in order to perform simulations in a fast and safe enviroment. We develop digital twins, perform big data analyses, decision algorithms (AI) and visual pattern recognition
Product development

Product- and Process Technology Development

Developing innovative products or process technologies based upon a strong understanding of well-defined developing tools to ensure both robustness and reliability in the market, as well as to be competitive within your area of expertise.
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Thermodynamics and Energy Technology

Analyzing, energy optimizing, modelling, and product development within the field of thermo-dynamic systems and energy solutions. Particular strong in modelling of cooling processes.

Autonomous Systems and Robotics

Development of highly complex non-standard robotics and autonomous systems (i.e. self-driving), combining development of software, mechanics and control systems (e.g. mechatronics, hydraulics).

Sustainable Development and Ecodesign

Development of sustainable products and systems through ecodesign minimizing the environmental footprint and enabling circular economy