Better and faster understanding of complex systems

Development of digital models of physical system in order to perform simulations fast and in a safe enviroment. We develop digital twins, perform big data analyses, decision algorithms (AI) and visual pattern recognition.

Digital twins

A digital twin provides unique opportunities in the development in nearly all products. The term "digital twin" ranges from simple simulations to full size simulators with replicas of control rooms. let us discuss how a digital twin can improve your product and business.

Fault detection

Early detection of emerging failures and automatic diagnosis of causes can utilize vast savings in maintenance costs, increase operational equipment efficiency (OEE) and help in the fulfilling of production goals

FEM analysis

We use models in all its forms during development of products or analysing problems in the real world for our customers. Whether it is a thread in an expensive structure which fails, or it is a small claw in a custom designet powertool FEM analysis assist us providing the best solutions for our customers.

Modelling of physical systems

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