Product- and Process Technology Development

Developing innovative products or process technologies based upon a strong understanding of well-defined developing tools and in-depth expert knowledge within material, thermodynamic and automation science as an integrated process, is key to ensure both robustness and reliability in the market and to be competitive within your area of expertise, as well as meeting the needs of the customer and be timely on market within budget and product quality.

Integrated product development

To develop the ‘right’ product for the ‘right’ market and customers and with the ‘right’ quality, many different stakeholders need to be involved and various disciplines need to be utilised. At IPU we operate with a holistic approach in the product development process to ensure that we understand what gives value to our customer and which competencies – both general and specialised – we need to incorporate in the projects in order to optimise the outcome and balance the development time and the final results.We all have an academic background which govern the practice of build-in systematic methodologies and well-founded development model capabilities, and on the other hand we have many years of experience with developing products for both small and big companies in Denmark and abroad. We utilise tools such as QFD, controlled requirement specification, agile product development, structured brain-storming technics, FEM- and thermal simulation, etc. to ensure both market and customer relevance and product quality. And we have a unique access to DTU laboratory facilities, which enable us to do state-of-the-art experimenting and testing for our customers, both as a part of a development project and as a specific deliverable. With us as a development partner you can be confident that your challenges will be well understood as well as the market and customer needs, and that we will seek to find the best possible solution to help you reach the level of competitiveness needed in your market.

Process technology development

Continuous development and optimization of manufacturing processes are key to achieving innovative products at the right price. At IPU we assist our customers in developing and optimizing manufacturing processes mainly for the manufacture of polymer- and metal parts. We help our customers in developing new manufacturing processes, during the commissioning of a production line and in the optimization of a running production. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the physics behind the manufacturing processes used by our customers. This knowledge, combined with access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and software tools, enables IPU to assist in the development of process technologies.

Development specialities – Sustainability, DFx, testing and feasibility studies

An integral part of ensuring the success of radical product improvements and new types of products is to handle the associated risks and challenges that comes with new solutions. With IPU as a partner during product development we provide the flexibility to address uncertainties as they emerge, for instance by performing initial tests in a wind tunnel or maybe a specialized laboratory to provide quick answers and a path forward.Our access to a broad range of instruments at DTU allows for faster and result oriented testing to uncover issued and address them based on data and knowledge supplemented as needed by our network of DTU external consultants who cover many specialized fields and knowledge.In parallel we offer methodical incorporation of design for sustainability through eco-design, Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly. Principles like these are addressed during development of not only individual products or designs, but also (and even more importantly) on product variation projects and platform designs.


Søren Dyring Jensen

Søren Dyring

Specialist Engineer, Product and Process Technology

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 18