Advanced Materials and Surface Technology

We support our clients in developing and optimizing materials and surfaces processes for specific purposes, including analyzing problems and malfunctions. Our core strengths are metallic and polymer materials as well as electroplating and corrosion

Materials Types and Choices

Materials play an important role in the functionality of new products and manufacturing processes. Using IPU as partner in already in design and development phasesenables that our expertise regarding materials and manufacturing processes can be utilized in full.

Surface Treatment

We develop processes in relation to surface treatment of metals, polymers (incl. metallization), ceramics and semiconductors. Especially within electrochemical deposition we are extensively experienced in deposition of pure metals, alloys and electroforming, and also conversion coatings, e.g. passivation of zinc or anodizing of aluminum.

Corrosion and Wear Protection

We support our clients within the fields of wear and corrosion protection. IPU can advise on material selection, correct design and construction and possible protection measures for different corrosive environments. Among these are corrosion in aqueous environments, atmospheric corrosion, microbiological induced corrosion (MIC), concrete rebar corrosion, corrosion in soil, corrosion in electronics, corrosion in oil and gas production equipment and high temperature corrosion.

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Torben Tang


Specialist Engineer, Advanced Materials and Surface Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 25 48 04
Daniel Minzari


Specialist Engineer, Advanced Materials and Surface Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 51 92 53 54