Advanced Materials and Surface Technology

Understanding advanced materials and surfaces, also requires an in depth knowledge on the entire process chain- from early manufacturing processes to the end user environments. We support our clients in developing and optimizing materials and surfaces for specific purposes, and also by analyzing problems and malfunctions.

Material Types and Selection

Materials play an important role in the functionality, efficiency and cost of products and manufacturing processes. Sustainability is another important topic, where the entire life-cycle must be understood in detail in order to make the right decisions. IPU is your partner at all phases, from early design and development to the optimization or redesign phases – we combine our in-depth expertise with the overall multi-technology approach to achieve full utilization of your resources.

Surface Tailoring and Treatments

Tailoring surfaces can radically improve the properties and functionality of a component. Whether the aim is to reduce costs, improve efficiency or to provide completely new functionalities, IPU can assist with consultancy, development, proof of concept, characterization or failure inspection. On a platform of academic research collaborations and partnerships we have decades of experience on how to best implement solutions at industrial scale, and on how to evaluate the maturity of upcoming technologies. We have in-house capabilities of a large spectrum of processes, including chemical, electrochemical and physical techniques, and access to state of the art characterization instruments.

Material Degradation, Corrosion and Wear Protection

Some of the common challenges that our partners are faced with are materials degrading in various forms. We use numerical modelling, standards and academic literature and data acquisition by various sensors to provide the facts we need, in order to support our clients with the relevant solutions.We have a long track record of projects with material degradation in clean room facilities, corrosion in various environments such as aqueous, atmospheric, microbiological induced, concrete rebar, electronics, oil and gas production equipment and high temperature corrosion.Use us for advice on materials selection, correct design and construction and protection measures, failure detection and materials characterization.
Torben Tang


Specialist Engineer, Advanced Materials and Surface Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 19
Daniel Minzari


Specialist Engineer, Advanced Materials and Surface Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 14