CT X-ray imaging

Advanced non-destructive insights into materials, components and devices opens new possibilities industrial applications. Validation of fabricated parts vs. CAD models, statistical analysis using advanced image processing and export for 3D printing are just some of the exciting uses of CT X-ray imaging.
Daniel Minzari


Specialist Engineer, Advanced Materials and Surface Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 14
Email: dami@ipu.dk
Materials & surfaces

Advanced Materials & Surfaces Technology

Development and optimization of materials and surface process characteristics for specific purposes.We have a broad under- standing of materials and surfaces technologies and are specialists within metals and Galvano processes.

Modelling of Physical Systems

Development of digital models of physical system in order to perform simulations in a fast and safe enviroment. We develop digital twins, perform big data analyses, decision algorithms (AI) and visual pattern recognition
Product development

Product- and Process Technology Development

Developing innovative products or process technologies based upon a strong understanding of well-defined developing tools to ensure both robustness and reliability in the market, as well as to be competitive within your area of expertise.