Thermodynamics and Energy Technology

Analyzing thermodynamic and heat transfer processes and their components. Optimizing system performance and efficiency using tailored simulation models and the latest R&D expertise.

Software & Simulation

We have many years of experience in software development for different platforms and purposes. Our work is typically related to thermodynamics or heat transfer, but have also delivered database-driven applications, fast algorithms for embedded systems and web-based solutions. Our team is flexible and we are advanced users of C/C++, Delphi/Pascal, Python, Javascript, MATLAB, EES, Modelica...

Modelling of Cooling Processes

Models can be used to help to understand a given process and to estimate a systems behaviour in new operational regimes. In a development project, models are used to reduce the number of physical tests and to optimise the design of a system or components. We have made models with many different levels of detyails and we can help you carry out static analysis and dynamic calculations.

Products and Downloads

Refrigeration software
IPU specialize in modelling and simulation of refrigeration and thermodynamics systems and some of our products can be used free of charge. This overview helps you to find which of our products may be relevant for you and your business. Please visit the individual websites to learn more about the details and to download our tools.

For further info contact

Jorrit Wronski


Specialist Engineer, Thermodynamics and Energy Technology
M.Sc., Ph.D.

Phone: (+45) 45 16 04 26